Chevron Curtains: A Style Guide

chevron curtainsChevron curtains are a great way to accent a bedroom, bathroom, living room or kids room. The modern black and white lines offer a simple but bold statement to any decor. The stylish zig zag pattern has been making a real style comeback lately and there are a plethora of options available for its application. Clothing is a popular choice for chevron style but where it has really taken off is in home decor.

Home furnishing such as chairs, couches, rugs and wall art are a great way to accent your home but chevron pattern curtains are a dramatic way to enhance any room. Another popular use of chevron print style is in childrens rooms. A nursery is a great place to add this modern, stylish pattern. The simple black and white pattern provides visual stimulation for newborns   developing brains while keeping the room minimalist and uncluttered. If you prefer a little color though, there is a wide range of color chevron furniture to choose from the will brighten your childs nursery.chevron curtains

But where did the chevron pattern orignate from? The bold arrow design, which is essentially a row of V’s, evokes the symbol of victory. The strong lines support this theory as well. Perhaps that is why it is used in police and military uniforms as a sign of rank or duration of service. The chevron symbol has appeared in ancient artwork from around the world dating back to 1800 bc where it was found in various palaces of ancient Greece. The Greeks were onto something. Naturally, the pattern evokes strength. If you want to direct, lead anything, from people to the flow of a room, and thick arrow is the way to do it.

At the same time, the wavy lines can evoke serenity, similar to the lines of ocean waves. Nowhere else is this pattern so strongly stated than in window coverings. Indeed, chevron drapes can effectively anchor a room with the balance of strong lines and calming waves. The versatility of chevron window shades allow them to be used in any room. They can be utilized in a variety of ways including chevron bathroom curtains which are both functional and stylish.

Whatever your preferences are for placement with your home, there are a ton of great stores-online and off- for every application you can imagine. You could also make your own chevron design. Here are some chevron style resources to look at.

chevron curtains

Where to Buy Chevron Curtains (and other furnishings!) I love Amazon! I must admit I have a bit of a problem shopping there. They just make it so easy and their selection is so great that I almost always find what I am looking for. They have an awesome selection of chevron pattern furniture to choose from.

Crate and Barrel: If bricks and mortar is your purchase method of preference then visit your local Crate and Barrel. They have a decent selection of which you can see a sampling of here. Another online seller with a wide selection to choose from is They offer a ton of different colors over the standard black and white curtains in both bedroom and bathroom styles.

chevron curtains

If you are looking for some great ideas on how best to style your curtains then Pinterest is a great place to start. There is no shortage of boards that demonstrate what Pinners are doing in their own homes or have pinned from great home decor sites. New ideas, new fabrics, new designs. I highly recommend Pinterest for any home decor ideas.

The options are limitless when considering your next home renovation or refreshment project. Have a look around this site for some more ideas on your next project and hopefully we can help you make an informed decision and provide some inspiration for curtains, rugs, crib bedding, wall art… or pretty much anything else in chevron patterns. Even for your garage!

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